Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Which movie did you quote that from?

...And so he updated his BBM status to “Uruk-hai”.

“Why Uruk Hai?”


“Aragorn lah.
…so that I can be Arwen.
So that I would know how it feels like to be beautiful.”

“You are beautiful.”

“Yeah right..”

“Yes. You are more beautiful than Arwen.”

“Thank you.
But seriously though, it would be great to become as beautiful as her.
I want to be that beautiful on my wedding day.
Can I?
Could I?”

“Of course.
More than that pun boleh.”


“Don’t do anything.”

*i know you weren't quoting. you sweet thing you. :)*

On another note,
I wish everybody would see the world as how you see me...
The world is actually, beautiful.

Hello first quarter of 2012.
Life has been different.