Monday, August 22, 2011

enter if you dare.

i have my own battles to fight.
i have insecurities to face.
i have loves to contend.
and i have goals to attain.

i don't burden you with that matters.
you shouldn't fell burdened.

it's my battles.
it's my insecurities.
it's my love.
it's my goals.

it would be nice if you would just listen.
it would be nicer if you could hold my hand and be beside me through it all.
but, what would be the best is for you to understand.
no special need for you to fight those battles for me.
you don't have to make it your insecurites.
don't love if you don't.
don't aim if it's not your goal.

i just need you to understand.

because that is who i am.
who i turned out to be after these twenty five years of life.

you don't have to like it.
hate it if you want.

in the end,
you are not the one who's gone through
and going through
it all.

go ahead.
be mad.

but most of all,
i dare you to understand.