Monday, February 7, 2011

It starts with an R. And ends with an e.

"So, you people are lawyers to be huh?" asked an army superior to my friends and I. We just smiled. He replied with a wide smirk while saying "Don't you guys go bakar orang pulak". And all of us laughed.

That, my friend, is the stereotyping for lawyers nowadays.

But, when one of my friend who did me wrong (very wrong) said to me, "...takdelah, I just takut je one day I nampak you in front of my house tengah bakar my house while laughing and screaming my name..." (just for the record, even if I am ever to do that pun, I won't be screaming your name baby), I can't help to think; Hey, I know I'm a lawyer (to be). But that does not mean I will go bakar orang or stuff whenever I'm mad.

And tonight, another friend came to me for a shoulder to cry on. There is something about people messing with my girls that gets me. So I ask her, "What do you want me to do?" ready to slay that pieceofcrap right then and there. 

"Bakar die?"
"Oh come on!"
"I don't know, what would you do if he does the same thing to you?" (Uh, for the record darling, been there, done that.)

And here's what I say,

"Honey, if I really want him to suffer, I wouldn't bakar him. I wouldn't even do the very thing he did to me. All of that would be too..hmm..whatchumacallit?..too humane..If I want him to suffer, I akan make sure that semua orang die sayang akan suffer before his eyes until they beg him to make it stop sampai die tak sanggup nak tengok and all the while, die pun suffer himself sampai eventually die mati...well, not mati..sampai I puas. =)".

That, people, is the art of payback.

Not that I would do any. I am a very patient person. It is even hard for me to hate people. But you might not want to cross my path and make me mad. If that happens, consider yourself lucky if the only payback you get from me is a mind game.

But hey, I'm harmless. Really.

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Mawar said...

i dont get it.. kenapa di bakar? lawyer bakar orang ke? :/

kita ambik duit orang adalah but burn? haha. takde kot.