Tuesday, December 21, 2010

why'd you went invisible, coward?

10 days.
Ten days.
10. days.
To 2011.

I'm pretty excited.

A brand new series of drama is coming out. 
(brand new? really? haha. bite me!)
It could be another heart-wrenching, mind boggling, whattheheck! kinda drama like Grey's Anatomy.
Or it could be kinda stupid "balik, balik tang tu jugak" like Private Practice.
Or it could be, "is it or isn't it?" like Castle.
I have no idea!
But what's for sure is the three mentioned has something to do with life. 

And I have a feeling that it's gonna be a mixture of those three.
But I'm rooting for Grey's Anatomy.
Because, as much as I love Izzie Stevens, much as I want to be Izzie Stevens, much as I identify with Izzie Stevens, 
I'm Meredith.
Meredith effin Grey.

And Meredith gets to smile in the end.
And Meredith gets the last word in the end.
And Meredith gets what she deserves in the end.
And Meredith gets her guy in the end.


I survived 1995.
I survived 2005.
I survived 2010 (insyaallah).

 So, bring it on 2011!

Alin! I tau you baca ni. Senyap! ;P

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