Wednesday, December 8, 2010

turn the car around.

Give me a break let me make my own pattern
All that it takes is some time but I'm shattered
I always turn the car around

I have officially lost my mind, methinks.
But hey, all great people have lost their mind at any certain point in time, that's what makes them great.

Welcome to Nadia-land, fellow earthlings.
It has come to my attention that some of you (who has been a loyal follower or silent reader [wow! flatter yourself much nadia? =p]) are yet to familiarize yourself with my way of writing.
And by "familiarizing" I mean understand.
Allow me to explain.

Here we go.

My life itself is nothing short of an endless roller coaster ride.
So, being that this blog is somewhat a penned out version of it, it would not be so peculiar if my way of writing is influenced by that.

Undeniably, some of my writings can be "In yo face, mister!" and could be taken as addressed generally to all. Some of it would mention names and/or nicknames by which I usually address that person.
Here, it is safe for you readers to assume that the post is directed to or is about that person (and/or me).

Nonetheless, I have a tendency to write cryptically sometimes.
You see, I have this tiny trouble of expressing myself. More often than not, I find myself deviating from what I originally intend to write about. (Tak macho laa write mushy mushy.. =p )
So, as a solution, I find my way around it - to get the message across.

I write from my heart (or head).
Every post and every word is carefully chosen and has its own meaning, well as a whole sentence.
So does every "quote", every colour used, every highlighted sentences or words and every linked items.
It might mean something.
Or it might not. *wink*
(not everything i write has innuendos entailing it)

Like life itself, there must be an explanation as to why certain things are the way they are.
You are more than welcomed to take it, read it and interpret it as it is.
Or, you might want to take a second look at it and think again.

But, we all need some hints and helps in life don't we?
I dropped a few here and there. It's up to your luck on whether you could catch it or not.  
(Read: be adventurous! ;) Search for it maybe, or look at what recently happened in my life, facebook, twitter...whatever. *there you go!*)
If it's there, it's there.
If it's not then maybe there need not be any explanation at all. Not everything in life needs to be explained.

If you decode it right, good for you! Syabas betta!! haha!

In a way, I need a change
From this burnout scene
Another time, another town
Another everything
But it's always back to you

3 person(s) has been nadia-ed! jyeah!:

jidrunner said...

the nadia code...

khai said...

wow... so mysterious.. haha

nadiadotzainal said...

jid, wao! ala ala bro code kah? ngaahaha ;p

khai, wow...sarcastic much? i'm not going for mysterious. the real reason i do it are stated. =)