Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If only you could hear the beep beep beep of my beating heart then maybe we we we would never be apart

I am a Ninja.
I am not a Walrus. Or Dolphin. Or a Parrot. Or Malibu Barbie.
I am as normal as I can ever be.
I know I do things a little differently.
Some people who does not understand might think of me as pretentious. 
Some calls me stupid and immature.
I've been called a weirdo.
There are people who doesn't like me for who I am.
It's okay. 
I am a Ninja.

Hey, if you're reading this and and is still thinking about it, you're on your way. Thanks for putting up with it. *smileyfacewhatevercrap* haha.

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