Friday, December 10, 2010

Do you remember we were sitting there by the water?

I bake when I'm sad. I know it's a bit bizarre but somehow my baking won't be as good if I bake it when I'm happy. But when I'm upset, BAM! Heaven. Right there.

And I'm a little bit childish. I jump when I'm happy. I do series of those jumping jacks thingy until I'm tired. And I storm and stomp around the house running and jumping hysterically. It was my mom who pointed this out to me. If not for that I won't even notice it. Oh dear God you don't want your child to be like me. My parents (and brothers) have been making fun of me endlessly because of this. I'm working on that so that I won't appear as childish when I enter the working environment. But whatever!

Mama woke me up very early this morning. Very early given the time I went to sleep last night. 
"Diya, Eman dah check. Tanak check?"
I went downstairs. But I went back up again. "Ma, nantila." I went in my room.
I went out again, down again. (I do this when I'm anxious. Kiri kanan depan belakang. Upside down. Inside out. It drives people crazy. It drives ME crazy!).
Nak tanak, pegilah jugak kat laptop tu.

Oh man!
I looked to the left, I looked to my right. My brothers and sister are still sleeping.
Cannot. Hold. It. Anymore.
I ran upstairs.
Rumah ni macam nak pecah! 
Pegi kat Mama. Speechless. But jumping like hell. (sorry tak boleh tahan)
Mama's eyes was as big as it could have ever been.
Mama jumped together with me.
And I cried. God knows what I've been through.
Mama sampai breathless!
Eman got rainbows too! ;) 

And then I went quiet. Kejap senyum. Kejap pelik.
"Dah. Takpayahla jadi gila" Mama cakap.

And then I texted Ayah. I'd call but then I'll be disturbing his sleep. Demm this 5 hours difference! Ayah cepatla bangun!!

And then I called my Atee. Jumping again. Atee saspen ye Atee? Sorry! Haha! 

And then I grabbed my hairbrush and I sing and I dance. Kalau Ayah ade ni mesti kena marah sebab rambut berterabur pastu macam orang gila.

Point is, I won't be baking today. Because I'm so stoked I jumped so much my cake or pastry or whatever will surely fall flat and be a disaster.

Congratulations Eman.

I'm graduating.
(with unexpected eyes widening final semester result, Oh dear God Alhamdullillah. )



PS: Mohd Haznizan Ramly, you are getting that Adidas sneakers of yours as soon as I get my awesome pay. (But lemme get an awesome job first)

Farhan Yahkup, thanks for believing in me.

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atee said...

saspen? u made me cry, girl!!
u're very good at that, u know?

alhamdulillah... i've always believe in you and am sooo proud of u!

kaikai said...

congratulations. we made it! alhamdulillah :)

nadiadotzainal said...


nadiadotzainal said...

congratulations to u too! we did! =)