Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back to December

It's my favourite time of the year. Apart from the obvious out-of-your-mind Year End + Christmas Sale everywhere and the oh-so-preeetttyyy Christmas decorations, it is the idea that the year is coming to an end that fascinates me with December.

The beginning of the end.
Where the remaining days are all the time that's left for you to make the year either beautiful or...well, otherwise.
Where you can magically turn back the time and make everything okay for the coming years (metaphorically speaking).

Some people say that it's the new year that should be the turning point for you to make a resolution for a better whatever.
I say it's December.
Because, it is better to start things at the beginning of the end rather than to wait for the end, then start something. That way, when you come to the end, you'll have something to work on.
But that's just me. =p

As for me, the year have been a rough one. It started out beautifully. And when I say beautiful, I mean see-me-smiling-like-I'm-laying-on-a-field-of-flowers-on-a-sunny-day-with-the-breeze-on-my-face or i-just-won-a-million-bucks GORGEOUS. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay that way for too long. Everything fell apart mid-year.
But I'm okay.
It's just one of those years.
Like 2005.

You know that part of Taylor Swift's song, "Love Story"...the part right before the key changes, the part where Juliet was losing hope because she thinks Romeo wasn't gonna come back, and then the song builds up to where the Romeo eventually came back and make her happy.
It's the build up. The suspense of the music.
Where everything starts to fall apart and then it became bad for a while and you wonder whether it will turn out good but then eventually everything's all right. Okay all right is an understatement. Great. Yeah, that's what it is.
That's how my life is. 
Always has been.
And I have a feeling that it will always be that way. (Like it or not. hehe.)

And whether or not this December will be nice to me is yet to be known.
But this I know.
This December, I'm gonna smile the see-me-smiling-like-I'm-laying-on-a-field-of-flowers-on-a-sunny-day-with-the-breeze-on-my-face or i-just-won-a-million-bucks smile again.
I don't care.
And I will be happy like Juliet.
I don't care.
Don't ask me how I know.
I just know.

And that is exactly why I am glad that we're back to December.
The beginning of the end.


On another note, Mama is coming back real soon.
There, that's the beginning of the see-me-smiling-like-I'm-laying-on-a-field-of-flowers-on-a-sunny-day-with-the-breeze-on-my-face or i-just-won-a-million-bucks smile.
Hurry Ma!

Tyler Ward, marry me!!! =p

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khai said...

haha.tyler ward. i subscribed to his youtube channel since awal part 2 hari tu lagi. awesome covers and his original songs are also great.

on another note, taylor swift again? haha. y don't u stop listening to taylor swift and start listening to something different. queen, perhaps? ;)

nadiadotzainal said...

and i love the fact that he smiles in every video of his. like he's enjoying what he's doing. if only i could do what he's doing. =)

queen best gilaa!! but im not about to be another poser who brags about how cool i am listening to ol skool greatest band. or any indie band at that. everybody does that. and everybody knows how great they are. to keep on blabbing about them would be just typical.

plus, taylor swift is cute.
and i can relate to her better.


khai said...

but taylor swift is full of fairy tales lah... u know right that sometimes fairy tales are just... fairy tales.. huhu