Friday, November 12, 2010

speak now

So there we were, sitting in a circle under the hot sun (if people don't know better, they'd say that we were crazy, but who's to say that we aren't?) waiting for our turn to speak.
Saying goodbyes are never easy. My mind exasperatedly try to come up with words that can describe my feelings and that can convey what I actually wanted to say. But come my turn, all that came out was three lines of "Hello, Thanks, Sorry and Keep in touch."
So much for wanting to "speak now".

Truth be told, I was reluctant to do my LLB Honours. The first time I stepped into the office, I did it half-heartedly. Determined that I won’t get attached for I have been warned that there will be wars. Haha. (Boo hoo to all the people who told me that. We got along GREAT!)

Time is a funny thing. It can go ever so slow but fast all at the same time. It feels like it was just some time ago that we stayed back to clean up the office. Back then I didn’t know you, you and you.

I can’t help but smile thinking of how close we are now.

Permatasari & Partners

It’s an honour and a privilege to be working with all of you. I’ve learnt a lot. Never once I’ve felt like all the works were a tremendous burden. The best thing was that we compromised and never “berkira”. I know you guys have to carry some of my workloads when I was down with dengue. (Hai, macam-macam this sem. Dengue lah, H1N1 lah. Haha.) Sorry for that. Aaina and Azmir, working with you in both CTA classes was fun! Personally, I think we are one of the strongest firm around. =)

I mean it when I say that if I ever am lucky enough to get married and have kids, I want to name one of them “Permatasari”. And I hope she will be as adorable as you.
Dearest V, thanks you for everything! From the very first day when you told us that we are a team and not boss-and-anak buah and you refuse to not call me “Kak” until the very last day when you hugged me tight and say “I love you Kak Nadia.” You are like a sister to me. Heck. You are my sister.
You were there supporting me for my happiness. And you were there as a support when I am not. Those tears you shed that were stirred up by my carelessness shows that you care and I thank you and love you for that. I wish that I can do so much more for you but there is nothing that I can do that can compare. Thank you V. You are sincere. That’s what I love most about you. That and bila you hug I, I rasa cam selamat. Haha.
We’re so lucky to have you as SP and a friend. You never treated us like people who have to work for you but instead we work together. We love you Aivy.

You are one of the most patient and tolerant person I’ve ever met in my entire life! Thank you for putting up with our nonsensical demands throughout the year. It’s a pleasure to have you as a friend and as a partner in Permatasari and in CTA. Sorry sangat if I let you down! =(. You should know that you have this unique way of letting people know that you care without having to show it to the whole world. And, referring to the notes I wrote kat Khai n Akmal, thank you for all those good times. =)

First time aku kenal kau, kau suruh aku panggil kau Sarah. Hahahaha!!! Ya allah, kau kalau bercakap macam nak runtuh bumbung!! Macam nak gaduh pun ade..haha..Tapi syok woo dengar kau merepek. Sampai sekarang aku kena adjust sikit tuning aku especially bila sampai part kau merepek yang censored. Haha. Tapi best. Hee...thanks Mai. Merepek-merepek kau pun, cakap kau berisi. Pape roger-roger aku tau. Kau kalau lupe aku memang ar...=p

Hey Aainaaaaa!!!! *sambil do your style yang tunjuk index finger tu* hehe. Don’t forget me tauu...I’m so gonna miss you. Who would’ve thought (by who I mean me =p) that the girl with the cute cheery voice has significant things to say when she stands up and open her mouth. I adore the way you speak. Your eyes and your smile are gorgeous. Remember the first day of LLB; we made a pact to sit beside each other? We did throughout both semesters, yayy!! =)

Zaza Iszarul & Co.

I know you. Or should I say I knew you before I even met you. You were the cute and soft-spoken Zaza that most of my friend been talking about when I was in BLS. But I never paid any attention because I wasn’t one of the whatever committees in BLS. Hehe. We did not talk much in part 1. But you were always part of the crowd, even though our crazy attitudes sometimes maybe a bit too much for you. What I like most about you is your smile. You have no idea that when we were in part 1, that smile of yours means a lot to me. Because it meant that you supported me when the tide pulls everything and everyone down and under. What touches me the most was that you were there most of the times I was having difficulties of pulling it together come second semester. No questions asked. Your advices gave me perspective. Saya kagum dengan the girl who doesn’t talk much but rocks the world when she does. Thank you Za.

Sabel, kepeng sangat la you. Minum weight gain banyak-banyak kayh. Hee. The rocker chick yang I tak sempat nak kenal sgt during the earlier part of the first sem, but we got along fine. Come end of part one dah boleh gila-gila dah. Hehe. I suka attitude “lantak kaulah” you. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to perform the performance yang ntahapentah tu kat your grad party. =)

Pura dulu time first sem selalu kena sakat ngan kite kan? Pura pura Sapuraaaa!!! Hihi. Mane pura this second sem? Senyap je...=( hee. The thing I like most about you is that you speak in a sing-song voice that is so adorable. And the fact that you are cute and compact (haha sorry if Pura tak suka) adds to the adorability factor. Awak sangat comel!!

Except for that one time during futsal time first sem, I’ve never seen you not smiling. Kalau kau tension pun kau senyum memanjang. Are you like on drugs or something? Hahahaha. Dah nak habis ni baru I tau you pun hantu masak dessert jugak...Kalaula tau awal-awal, memang dah lama boleh tukar-tukar recipe. Cepat bagi recipe Oreo cheesecake tuu!!!

(you punya I simpan last nanti, sekali dengan Akmal. Hehe.)

Dirina Suhaidariah & Associates

Fat chance you will be reading this but whaddaheck! The first time I met you during the first day of LLB, I went and shake your hands because you were fierce enough to switch places with one of your “anak buah” eventhough she was there first and dah chop tempat but then disappeared. My first thought of you were, damn this girl is very pretty!! Haha. I susah nak faham you during the first sem but that may be because I duduk jauh from you and I never made it a point pun (Sorry!). But I seronok sembang-sembang ngan you getting to know you all throughout part two. You ni lawak gak eh. Hihi. And the makeup sessions yang selalunya an indication yang BM class cancel tapi we never took notice was fun.

“Think positive!” was our motto from the very first day. And it worked! I was very glad that you were in B class sebab you were the only one I knew masa time mula-mula dulu. Remember those times we went back to your house to SLEEP!? Hahahaha!!! We were a double trouble. You organize, I conduct. Carpe Diem, Futsal Cheer, “performance” for BM...haha. What’s next? =p
(Why do I have a feeling that in many years to come, our reunions will be on your initiative? Haha. Well, you and Aivy.) I still remember you “autographed” the Today Was A Fairytale lyrics i put up on my desk during part one, “Pufei loves Nad”. Nad lurves Pufei too...=)

Lagi sorang kerempeng! Dah la tinggi! Hihi. “Hep, hep!” favourite line Yun. Yun tak banyak cakap tapi Yun comel. Semangat gila bila time menari. My “orang kuat” for harmony time BM. You can sing girl! =). You might not know this but you comel gila bila you do your expression yang kerut-kerut dahi macam banyak masalah pastu cakap laju-laju macam tengah gabrah. Padehal takde mende pun Yun oi! Hahaha. Comel. And I adore the way you walk those tiny steps kedek-kedek tu. No one but you can pull it off. =)

I never get you, man! Haha. But I gotta admit that you are a good classmate. And eventhough sometimes I don’t get your jokes but you are funny. And yes, I still will sing at your wedding f.o.c. haha. That is if you’d still want me to when the time comes. Just jangan suruh I nyanyi lagu Bollywood sudah. =p

I don’t get to get to know you or even spend time with you much. But you are a part of B’s nonetheless. Join us more in the times to come kayh. =)

Hassinah & Partners

HP as opposed to PP.
I rasa firm koranglah firm yang paling gila kot. Dari SP sampai anak-anak buah semua ting-tong. Tahniah! Haha.
We were practically ONE firm in part one. Havoc semacam. Sad that things had to change in the second semester. Dah la our firms jauh~! Huu. Working with you guys was a pleasure.

Hubby!!!!!!!!!! Babyboobubs. Hahahaha. One of the first things I remember back from part one was that we like to exchange tips about hair care. Hehe. I think we hit it off right from the start kot. And somehow you became my hubby. Awwhhh...soo sweet...You are the LOUDEST and most high-pitched girl I’ve ever met! Hands down. (this is a compliment tau.) Come second sem, we exchanged make up tips pulak. Funny betul those times. You are one of those girls yang can pull off any style of tudung available. Beautiful laydayh! And your accent! I swear if I don’t know any better I’d say you had spent a considerable amount of time in London (sila pronounce London macam ni: LohnDohn.) Thanks for those homicidal moments you did in my favour, whether intended or not. Thanks for taking time to sit down and have a chat with me. Thanks for having me as you wifey...And thanks for not leaving me eventhough you ada ugut several times that you wanted to. Dah lah cari seconds and thirds. Cet! But you’re still my one and only hubby baby. I lerb yuu!!

Kimberly Kardashian! Macam you cakap, “I tak sangka I boleh rapat dengan you...” (I tak taula if you ade double entendre ke kat situ but I take it literally...haha). I suka kawan dengan you! You never ever show it to people (by people I mean, me) that you are having a hard time or whatnot. And you jenis yang tak berkira. Kimah, whatever you did pun, I takkan bunuh you so don’t risau okay. ;p. You are one of those that I’m gonna miss the most. =(

I have this funny feeling deep in my gut that I have some fourteen thousand things that I need and have to say to you and let you know but trouble is I have no idea what it is. Frankly speaking, I don’t want to. All those necessary thank yous and apologies have been tendered by me long ago. I have nothing left to say. Oh, except for this; of all the lies I’ve heard, ‘I love you’ was my favourite. Haha! Okbyeeee!! =p

Things happen Lin. We can’t change that. If I wasn’t like what I was throughout the most part of second sem, if things were to go the other way around you won’t feel like what you are feeling now kan? So don’t blame yourself for you are not the one to blame. Stop taking things so personal. Live your life the way you want it for you and not because of someone else. Okay? *put chocolate atas ur desk* =p
With that being said, I would like to say (ape I merepek ni?) yang I sayang you!! I’m sorry I wasn’t there sampailah “Tingkap Kaca”. *wink,wink* hehe.
We share a lot in common and never forget that. 500kms away pun, I will still be here for you okay?
“If perfect’s what you’re looking for then just stay the same.” =)
Okay now jom Baskin Robbins! =D

(See below. Hep! Don’t get any funny ideas. Scroll down.)

Kaikai and Achemal
Oh bhaii, where do I start? All throughout part one...and part two (well, some of part two ;p but especially part one la)... I tak boleh nak list!! All I can say is that you guys were there. It was effin hard for me that I couldn’t hang out with both of you just like before. Ingat tak time balik from Sabel’s party time cuti sem then tetibe lagu ntahape “Cinta Antara Benua” tu tetibe keluar kat radio pastu I was singing along with it and then you (Akmal) nyanyi then you (Khai) join and Raimi join sekali? We sang our lungs out to that silly song in the car when were on our way to McD but last-last tak jadi kite pergi supper kat Khulafa je. Happy careless times. Hehe. And all those late nights staybacks, lepaking while working, last minutes studying, main dry ice time makan Baskin Robbins after lepak kat Pelita sekali with Azmir (Azmir take note!), movies dalam class, the dilemma of deciding where to eat, lari dalam hujan time nak pergi makan kat Nasi King (hujan lebat gila, we were soaking wet! Pastu menggigil...You guys ended up balik rumah lepas tu bagi the rest of us pinjam baju). And not forgetting the Sunway trip (Jemae, take note again. Hee). Ponteng class!! Movielah, archerylah, makanlah, lepas tu tak habis lagi sambung iCity where somebody lost his car key. Gila serabut! Hahaha.
Akmal Tahir concerts. (Mana niiii!!??? =()
I hope we won’t forget all that. I’m sorry that things changed but always remember that I’m delighted and thankful to have you guys as friends. =)


There is a lot that I must say but I don’t know how. To list each and every single thing would take an endless amount of time.

Remember Carpe Diem? High School Musical fever that eventually got us to decide that our class theme colour should be “red and white”. I had the privilege to become your designated “choreographer”. Haha kelakar! But thanks for cooperating. It was fun!

Remember futsal? Well, the tournament during part one was a blast! Who would’ve thought that we’d come in second when in the first place we were just playing for fun? Sorry that the cheer was crappy. But all in all, that was some memory isn’t it? =)

Remember the CSI night? Where some of us stayed back for the shooting session for mock trials evidences? (Mai, kau memang gila!) Haha.

Remember BM translation “performance”? Kudos to the A. Samad Said’s of our class. I had fun singing!

If I were to choose, I’d say my favourite class of all was Criminal Trial. Tuan Amir rocks! Hehe. The Mock Trial was fun. Even preparing for it, even though it was a lot of work, was enjoyable. Aaina, you were a great co-counsel.

Remember the smell of self made garlic bread as we step into the office each morning? The times when we eat together in the middle of the class for lunch and dinner. The Solicitor’s Account weekend. The best part was sleeping in class. Haha. Tapi tak payah SolAcc weekend pun tidur je dalam office tu. =p

We have come a long way. But fate steps in and goodbyes are inevitable.

I am sorry for all of my wrongdoings intended and unintended. I thank all of you for all of the great times and for being there when I need you. Thank you for all your support and especially for your friendship.

When the time comes, I might be hard to remember. But please don’t forget me.

When time comes where one of your children point to the pictures, please tell them my name. And tell them I hope that they will be as lucky as we are. =)

I hope, wish and pray all the best things in life for each and every one of you. Keep in touch will ya? =)

“Long live all the mountains we moved, I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.”


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