Saturday, November 20, 2010


"Chill la wei, bukan *insertwhatevertheissuehere*"

Chill!? Chill!?
You asked me to CHILL!??
Seriously!? SeriousLY!!??

Okay first, you don't ask people to "chill". What kind of verb is that?
I know, okay, I know it means "to cool down" in urban dictionary.
But you don't ask people to "chill". Its so...its so...REMPIT.
[Especially when it is something that you have NO INTEREST IN. To barge in without a locus standi will, not only, get your case struck off but is pure disrespectful.]

Second, there's no second. I just hate it when people get so "heybrothaimmanigga" on me.
No you're not. It's funny when you're making jokes and when we're fooling around but it is NOT when you're not making jokes and we're not fooling around.

I hate it more than I hate people go all "hey, babe" on me.

Whatever happens to the old school "Calm down" or "Relax"?

Since when did it turned into "Take a chill pill"?

I might as well down one.
Does it come in blisters of 10's?

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