Thursday, October 28, 2010

not enough?

laaa...tak habis lagi??
does it even occur to you that there might be something wrong with you?
I won't budge cause I know I'm not wrong. Inshaallah.
Allah is with me. Ergo, if I am wrong, He will lead me to the right path. Amin.
little by little, the truth will reveal itself.
Dengan izinNya.

Rasul pernah bersabda:
"Adapun wanita yang kepalanya seperti kepala babi dan badannya seperti keldai kerana dia suka mengadu-domba (melaga-lagakan orang) serta berdusta [dan] adapun wanita yang berbentuk seperti anjing kerana dia ahli fitnah serta suka marah- marah pada suaminya."

(I'm no angel. I'm no pious. But I am a Muslim, and I am both at the same time proud and humbled to be one. I am only His servant and I am only sharing what I think should be shared. Let us learn together.)

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