Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You look like death!

That was the remark I got this morning.
To which I absently replied, “I am death.”
Well at least that’s how I feel.

When I came in this morning, this was on my desk.


I love sweet sneaky notes. It makes my day. (Thank you Alin! =])

I dyed (oh okay, re-coloured) my hair back to dark-brown yesterday.
It looks weird and feels weird to not be a red-headed anymore.
Even Mama said, “Pelik Nampak Diya rambut tak merah.”
I feel dark. Almost gothic. Haha.
Eventhough I love my red hair (try obsessed), things got to change. It’s time. And since I can’t cut my hair (my last trip to the salon involved me screaming hysterically because the hairdresser took it upon herself to cut my hair more than the length permitted. Trim it! Not cut it! She’s lucky I’m not suing her), I decided to dye it back to brown. Red hair is much harder to maintain anyway.
I love how it turns out. I feel almost normal.

But when I told a friend of mine of this (quite) sudden change, she jumped.
“But why!!?? Red hair suits you best! Sayangnyaa!!”
Alah, malaslah nak maintain. I need something new. Now I feel normal. Ordinary maybe. Oh wow! I look ordinary.”
“What!? Well, I have bad news for you girl.
(here I imagine her like one of those African-American women, attitudes and all)
You’re not normal.
You are never ordinary and you know that.
You’re abnormal, out of the ordinary and special.
A rare combination.
Always are, have always been and will always be. Suck it.”

Today I realized something. I don't have great friends.
I have AMAZING friends.


I can't list all of you here, that'll take a lifetime.
But if you are my friend, and if you are, by some weird chance, reading this, I am thankful and glad that you are a part of my life.


2 person(s) has been nadia-ed! jyeah!:

atee said...

amazing? u always are..

u're a part of mine too, u surely know it kan ned?

cemana tukar color tak minta izin anje ni?? sure dia frust nonggeng!!

nadiadotzainal said...

hehe..thanks atee.. =)
i know..and you are my aunt, my sister, my second mother and my friend all at the same time.
i love you and you know that.

alamak!!! kena jumpa anje ni mintak approval. ishk. anje!!! u laikla my new color! i buy u new folder for gambar kipas eh? hihi.