Monday, August 23, 2010

What's new, Pikachu?

It is not my birthday. Nu-uh. It’s been 3 months since my birthday.
It’s not my Hijrah birthday either. That was 4 days ago. (I was born on 9th of Ramadhan.)

Usually, when people ask me what do I want on my birthday, I would just shrugged and say I don’t know. I truly don’t. I am the kind of person who gets what she needs or wants by her own means. I get it on my own. So it’s only justified that when I was asked “What would you want on your birthday?”, I say “I don’t want anything.” Not that I usually get presents on my birthdays anyway. Haha.
True story.

But now, I need a lot of things. Lots of oh-not-so-cheap things. No, really. It’s a need. Necessity. Okay scratch that. I NEED a couple of things. Others are just the things that I WANT.

What I need.

1. MP3

If you know me well, you would know that I cannot live without my mp3 player. It’s with me 24-7. I can live without handphone, but not mp3 player. It’s my lifeline.
Sadly, my 3 year old mp3 player finally decided that it’s time to kick the bucket one month ago. Damn. Sedih nak mati! =(
Why not an iPod? You ask.
iPod is overrated, I say. (but terima je kalau nak bagi...;p)
I just need a portable gadget that plays music files and has DNSe function and preferably has mic and recording function. (Demanding much? haha) Just like my old player.

Mine was in blue. RIP. =(

This design of Sony mp3 player is gorgeous but it only has 1gb storage. Tak cukup.

And I crazy love this Samsung Tic Toc but it has no recording function. But if I’d have to choose, I would love to have this one. =)

2. Hand phone.

Well, they say when it rains it pours. At the same time my mp3 player broke beyond repair, my hand phone too, needs to be replaced. Every other day, I find me withholding myself from throwing it against the wall. Sabar Nadia. Ye, memang best. Bottom line, I’m in need of a new phone jugak.

I got my eyes on this baby

But I’m willing to settle with this one.

(demand lagi! ;p)

Why nak two different gadgets? Beli jela hand phone yang ade music player.
Because, then if it breaks down, I’ll lose both at the same time. And I hate to be interrupted while I’m listening to music. =)

What I would like to have.

3. Wristwatch.

Mine is not broken yet. It’s still in a good condition apart from the fact that it kind of looks like I’ve been wearing it forever which is true since I have been wearing it for the past 4 years. 4 years!!
The thing with me is that even though I am not brand conscious, but when it comes to watches, I am quite particular. Mengada, I know. But hey, I don’t replace or change my watch often. I mean, 4 years! And it should be noted that I do not like girly/feminine watches. No offense. I just don’t like them. I prefer sporty watches.

Except for the colour, this Nike wristwatch looks exactly like mine. (Mine is in the colour of blue.)

After spending hours googling on wristwatch, I still cannot find one that catches my attention. Sigh.

However, these few might give a few idea of the kind of models of wristwatch I would like to have.

4. Paris Hilton Heiress.

I have wanted this since it first came out. And I am recently out of perfume. Nuff said.

So now be a darling and get me these will ya?

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