Thursday, July 29, 2010

shut up and put your money in my pocket.

With respect to certain religions, I don’t believe in reincarnations. Nor do I believe in rebirth. Or what people say “mati hidup semula.” No such thing. Not literally (of course not!). Not figuratively or even metaphorically.

To be reborn means that you are starting over from zero. It means that you are now a blank sheet. You are one big plain white piece of empty cloth. No memories, no recollections, no black spots on your heart or your mind, nothing.

You are pure.

Like a newborn baby.

Cakap pun tak tahu lagi. Baru nak belajar bertatih.

That is rebirth.

Suffice to say that unless that is exactly the state you are in when you say that you are starting over with life, you are not reborn. No rebirth whatsoever.

As human, we start from where we left off. No matter how you say you want to start over/a new start, you still start from where you left off. With all those memories embedded in your stubborn little brain together with your experiences (or lack of it) and all those life lessons (regardless whether you learnt from it or not), you start where you left off. Albeit, maybe with a new perspective.


Now that makes sense.

You change your viewpoint of life, on the way you approach life and on the way you live your life by making use of all (if any) you had known and learnt of life prior to your changing.

Now, how can you say that that is a rebirth?

Bukan rebirth. You change.

Change is supposed to be for the better. Because ideally you get better as life goes by. However, that is only an ideology. There are people who change for the worst. Yes, worst.

Orang upgrade, dia downgrade.

These people, they are not changing, actually. They are just being themselves, true colours revealed.

That is not “change”.

It is a degradation of self.

How can that be a rebirth?

Ponder on that.

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