Friday, June 11, 2010


Translation: tina cakap tanak.

Sape tina aku tatau.

Waiting for result seems like forever so I figured, lets write crap!

Pardon me, rase mcm nak write in Malay plak. Nak write in Hindi tak fasih sgt.hee.

Kat rumah ni dah Bollywood crazeeee!!!!

Ve are going to MUMBAI!!!


Ish..astaghfirullah…excited nak gi Mumbai kann…bagus!!

Backspace! Backspace!


In a few days, I will be going to Jeddah. While I’m there, Inshaallah, I will perform my umra.

Alhamdullilah. Da sampai seru..dapat jugak jadi tetamu Allah. :)

It was only a week ago that we came to know of our trip to Jeddah.

Right when we were in the middle of preparing to send Ayah back to..whaddayaknow…Jeddah. hehe.

Just imagine the chaos we are going through right now preparing in such short notice.

Yela, takkan nak pegi buat Umrah buta2 kot.

And to top it off secara tetiba, mama announce “Okay, back from Jeddah, stopover at Mumbai for 2 nights!”.

Dan dengan tidak semena-mena, pasang balik ar lagu Bollywood. Hehehe…

In the midst of it all, I had to go through a Grey’s Anatomy episode.

Hey, that somebody didn’t call me Izzie Stevens for nothing.

But Izzie has nothing to do with this. Oh no no no. Believe me it would have been easier if it was Izzie.

This time, I am Meredith Grey.

Meredith Grey.

Meredith effin Grey.

Terlalu banyak hikmah dariNYA, it humbles me.


Tak paham tidak mengapa. Bukan semua orang intelligent.

My parents brought me up well.

But it does not matter, the Grey’s Anatomy whatsoever.

Because I am better than to deal with this crap. I refuse to deal with other people’s immaturity. My life is not a drama. (Mak hayam! Drama Queen tanak ngaku!)

This is not a life and death situation. I’ve been through a life and death situation a few times already and this is nothing like it.

So, all in all, it does not matter.

Because what matter is Allah invited me to HIS house!!!


Ayah, wait for us!

And Mumbai, herrre I come!!!!!!!!! (read this aloud with Indian slang and ur head teleng2 and your eyes jeling2.)

3 person(s) has been nadia-ed! jyeah!:

GoDdEsS M said...

wei nak gi umrah laa patut excited ni excited nak gi mumbai apahal?!

aidanlaniaz said...

haha. mawarr!! excited nak pegi umrah la niii!!! ngee~
tak sabar!!

khai said...

take care kt sana nnti nad nad..
pray 4 me oso a? heheh