Wednesday, December 23, 2009

......i believe in yesterday.

9 missed calls.

Right there on the screen.

And I'm still stuck in this stupid class. Praying. Very hard. That this person they call lecturer for some reason would get an instant on the spot uncontrollable type of diarrhea that would fix her to the toilet seat for the rest of the day. Amin.

Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh God.
Ya Allah!
Tak boleh ke manusia ni berhenti kejap? Tolonglah.

To hell with it.
I grabbed the phone, risking being caught, which I don't really care if I do at all.

Tried once.
Nobody answered.

Another number.

Another number.
The same.

Another number.
"*static* Balik rumah... *static* ...bila?... *static*.."
"Cakap kuat sikit! Line kat sini macam bangang!."
"Balik...*static*... cepat! *static*...kalau boleh......sebab...."
*line ends*

7th heaven my ass!

*One text message*
"Ma kate, balik cepat la kalau boleh."
"KL balik tak malam ni?"
"KL balik kul bape?"
"KL, busy tak?"
"KL, nak mtk tolong sikit? Bley?"
"Ayah call tadi kirim salam."
"Yot, mama nak pegi airport ni hantar ayah. Kalau boleh ikut la."

The worst haven't had its way yet.

The best, I woke up and went right back to sleep.
The worst, I lie awake and think and think and think and think and its neverending.

Mama said, "Its a sacrifice you have to make."

Mawar said, "Well, you're not Superwoman."

I wish the coin would flip itself.
And spare me the sleepless night and restless days.

Fuck choices.
Fuck LLB.

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