Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nobody deserves a mime, Buffy.

Dear (a) Friend,

I thought you’d be happy for me. But I guess sharing my joy with you is not as important as you brooding on your not-so-exciting and extremely busy life, at least that’s what you said. I guess that’s the reason behind the need for you to utter those snide-y remarks to me. I apologize for sharing. I promise to try to keep it to myself. There won’t be any next time.

Dear (another) Friend,

Thanks for lending an ear to hear my distress. It was very thoughtful of you to run away immediately when I start to share my story. You are a real friend in need. I promise I won’t do the same mistake anymore. All those times I spent entertaining you and your splendid ”love story" or the lack of it, keep it. A present from me for your kindness.

Thank you.

It is better to have one close friend that will be there for you no matter what than to have ten who will run away whenever you need them.

Or so to say.

I’ve heard this time and time again and I can’t say that I don’t agree.

But for me, I am lucky enough to be blessed with a few of that “one” kind of friend. It doesn’t hurt that they are also family.

My best friends are also my sister, my mother and my cousin, Ira. Though I don’t tell them everything (come on, you don’t exactly tell your best friends everything. Not even if that friend is not family), they know me more than enough to understand why I do the things I do the way I do it. Sure, some questions will be raised, arguments will be brought forward, we disagree to agree, we agree to disagree, we disagree to disagree, we agree.

Memang die macam tu…sabar jela… takpelah nanti die belajarlah.

I admit, I am not easy to deal with. Embarrassing as it is, it’s a known fact amongst my besties that I am an unpredictable, emotion-driven person. I am different when I am with friends. I am different when I am with family. I think you can do the math when it comes to my best friends. That alone is enough to illustrate my irregularity. Haha.

I have two brothers that also serve as my best guy friend. The four Rosses and Atee are also my close friends.

A friend of mine once tells me that she doesn’t get too close with any particular friend to prevent disappointment (People disappoint, everybody knows), and if I were to look around, her friends are everywhere. To me, although there’s a grain of truth in her theory, I still think she lost a big chunk of important things in her life. I pity her for that.

I am 98% sure that most people will agree that the one thing that distinguishes friends from best friends is that friends are there when you are happy, while best friends are there when you are happy AND sad. Cliché. But true.

As for me, my friends are there when they need me. When I’m happy. My best friends are there regardless of whether or not I need them. They are there when I think I don’t need them. They know better. They are there when I’m happy and especially when I’m sad.

Friends would run from you. Best friends run for you, with you.

This is me counting my blessing. I am thankful for my best friends.

Best friend is a necessity as well as luxury.

Who are your best friends?

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