Sunday, October 25, 2009

it ends tonight.

dear you,
it's not your fault that we drifted apart.
i know we used to be so close.
but life throws us in different directions, giving us no choice but to be separated. there is only one option left. keep in touch or suffer the memory of how it used to be.
you expect me to be there. to go all the way just to meet you while you sit there and do nothing. nothing at all even when i gave you a reason to come all the way over here just so that we can meet.

here and there, now, is a world's far.

i'm sorry that you expect me to do all the work to keep this alive.
my question is, what do you do to at least keep us going?

time flies, life goes by. even though we can still be what we are, we can never achieve as close to what we were.

busy, you say, was your reason.
i think that's reason enough for me not to care.
for there are others in your world, walking in your shoes, that clears the time in their hectic schedule for their other friends. why can't you?
these people, they care.
thus, i care.

i'm tired of understanding. i'm tired of trying to understand. because no matter what, it is you who don't understand. it is you who refuse to understand.

now, i choose to care only of those who cares.
now, i choose to appreciate only those who appreciate.
it takes two to tango.

it's not your fault that we're not as close as before.

but it's not mine either.

for those who does care, Thank You.

(this post is not meant for Mawar, Mel, Hanim, Put, Nas, Nizi, Bob, Halim, Farhan, any friends from HighSchool, any friends from Primary school and Illy Maisara.)

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Azhani.Azizan said...

Nadia, if our plan is still alive,grab ur guitar and we'll sing on the beach ayte? i want u to write a song with me..or at least,u ajar me how to write hehe. love ur post.