Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sapu Tangan.


“I don’t hold grudges. They’re too heavy a burden to carry.” Or so they say.

But I do. For some inexplicable reason, it’s not easy for me to forgive and forget. Oh, I hold grudges all right. I don’t let go. I might even take them to grave someday. (Jadik Pontianak la aku nanti. Tapi aku tak terer gamelan. Tarian bollywood ye. Ada boleh? Balun je ler..)


I don’t give a rat’s ass about politics. It’s full of manipulative, selfish people that’s full of bullcrap. Using every possible medium and reason and whatsoever to support their cause. One that doesn’t need to be a’ cause” in the first place, if you ask me. Macam mana nak pimpin orang if diri sendiri pun tunggang langgang? Bagai ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan straight.

I reserve my opinion to myself as there’s no such thing as freedom of speech and expression.

All you educated reader can think for yourself.

Now, my entry for today.

1Malaysia sekalian. Diam je ke?

It has only been ten (10) days since Malaysia’s 52nd independence anniversary. And now this.

For those of you who know me really well would be surprised to read this entry. What the hell!? She gives a damn?

Yeah sure, I don’t voice out when Malaysians do stupid things. Not here anyway. Don’t get me wrong. I’m opinionated all right. To sum it up in simple words, I think those who make any commotion without just and reasonable cause should be castrated before being put into a series of electrical treatment. Not to kill them, just enough so that their brain can be rewired properly.

I do support freedom of speech and opinion. But I put the limit when it starts to affect MY freedom to do whatever I want. When it compromises the peace in this country. When it affects MY peace. Yes, it’s all about me. Every man for himself.

But this is just too much!

Sweeping? Sweeping? Sweeping MALAYSIANS? Really?

How about Indonesians here?

Compared to the current disputed ground, we have much, much more numerous solid justifications to do the same to them.

How do you want us to evacuate you? Or precisely, what adjectives do you want us to use?

Let’s put down a few suggestions, shall we?

1. Sweep. (Might as well tiru kan?)

2. Vacuum? (This one seems to fit well.)

3. Blow away?

4. Shoo? (Ape ni? Binatang ke?)

5. ….im running out idea.

The thing is, Melayu Malaysia dan Melayu Indonesia banyak sangatkah bezanya? (Well, okay, huge difference actually, but not that much of a difference. If you understand what I mean.) Setakat tarian hendak dijadikan isu? Mane letaknya otak? Kepalakah atau kepala lutut?

Never thought I’d live to hear myself saying this but I think this time around the government is right for not taking this matter seriously. I mean seriously! Seriously? Just because of a dance?

Malaysia is a melting pot. Search hard enough, you’ll find almost all of the culture in the world here.

Fusion is the word here. Wanna pinpoint the blame? Attack your ancestors who decided to travel and migrate. Wait, you need to build a time machine first. Ha, do that and then we’ll talk.

Now, I feel stupid for caring about this dense matter. But whaddahell, I’m too bengang to care.

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MeL said...

dulu i belaja gamelan for koko.
i jd pontianak cari i. perhhh..
ko igt ko sape mel berani sgt nie.