Saturday, August 8, 2009

The puppet show has been cancelled. Ciao.

when i opened my twitter account tonight,
these were found back to back...
it certainly caught my attention.
the picture is beautiful and since the coincidence was too hard to ignore, i had to post it here.


and then i clicked here. and found dozens more beautiful pictures with catchy quotes.
and i automatically feel the sudden urge to compose my own pictory.

This is what i kinda feel or go through right now.

Here goes..., perhaps i should do something. Because...

...after all...


Well, miracle seems a little bit far-fetched. But if it does exist, I do need a teensy bit of help.

(pictures are taken from here and here. credit goes to its rightful owners.)

4 person(s) has been nadia-ed! jyeah!:

MeL said...

okayyy! OUCHHH!!!!
i think u know why! hahahaha.
jenab oh jenab. lol!

Nina Alyssa said...

nadiaa..i love these pictures & quotes!!! thanks for sharing! =)

aidanlaniaz said...

mel...heheheh..i know it hit close to home with you. haha. ;p

ninaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! soo busted! haha.
its beautiful isnt it! glad u like it! no problemo! :)
thanks for stopping by.

Azhani.Azizan said...

i loveeee~