Saturday, August 8, 2009

The puppet show has been cancelled. Ciao.

when i opened my twitter account tonight,
these were found back to back...
it certainly caught my attention.
the picture is beautiful and since the coincidence was too hard to ignore, i had to post it here.


and then i clicked here. and found dozens more beautiful pictures with catchy quotes.
and i automatically feel the sudden urge to compose my own pictory.

This is what i kinda feel or go through right now.

Here goes..., perhaps i should do something. Because...

...after all...


Well, miracle seems a little bit far-fetched. But if it does exist, I do need a teensy bit of help.

(pictures are taken from here and here. credit goes to its rightful owners.)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

pigs now, do fly.

An alarming number of the Swine Flu cases has been reported in our beloved *
pun intended* country, Malaysia.
Sadly, there are casualties.

As of 0800 today, 5th Aug 2009, the total number of the Swine Flu cases are 1,476 with death toll of 11.
61% of these cases are local infections as opposed to the tiny 39% of import cases.

Pity those 11 people.

...and their family.
This is scary.
oh well...

the usual thought of ordinary everyday people. Trust me. I know a large number of them.

While the pandemic is getting worse, people still want to go to the Mall, to the Cinema, to wherever it is that they feel the need to.
People still need to go to concerts and social gatherings and demonstrative gatherings and so on.
Now, I am not implying that life should not go on in this not-so-difficult *pun intended, again* time.
But does the word "minimize" have any significant meaning at all?

Perhaps, these words might.
if, you choose to do all those things. Unnecessarily.

Yes, I use the word Swine. To hell with the scientific H1N1. As if changing the name could help.

Meanwhile, yours truly have been sick since Sunday.
The fever starts spiking on Sunday night and hasn't come down since. Except once in a while when the medication starts kicking in.
This ever-so-welcomed fever comes in a package:
All included.

And the bonus; I'm having difficulties breathing. Well, not that difficult. Just that I'm panting constantly.

So, my worried mother took me to the Clinic; which advises me that if in a few days the fever doesn't come down, to go to the hospital. Which my mother did after the scare she got when she heard her colleague's child was suspected with the Flu.

So today, i, we, went to the hospital. The H1N1 Triage to be exact. Spent more than a couple of hours there and was sent back with lots of medication, 3 days MC (that means for the rest of the week and since i got an MC for Monday and didn't go to work on Tuesday, I got the whole week off the office!) and a warning.
Come back immediately if your breathing difficulties get worse or after your meds are finished and you still aren't better.


Because you are under a high risk of H1N1 due to your low immunity and are being put under observation.

Wow! Talk about scare.

But I can't help but wonder, being in the district that I'm in, with a slightly low percentage of people who doesn't eat Oink vs. those who does consume it, there isn't a single person of the latter cluster at the triage today.

Oh, my bad. There was one. But she sat so far away. With a disgusting look towards all the people as if we were the one who caused the disease.
Oh well, you are not going to heaven after all.
*please god, forgive me for assuming what's supposed to be your decision*

Anyway, I do appreciate it if you could extend your prayers for me and for all of those people infected and under high risk of infection of the Flu.

Thank you.

Oink. Oink.

*any chance of me being Penelope? I can get James McAvoy. Although not my type of guy, but when you are an oink, you'll settle.*