Wednesday, July 22, 2009

please enter the way you just exit.

For the last three years, on this very date, my day goes out like this :
Wake up, set up, drive up, class up, meet up, chat up, laugh up, hang out, drive down, clean up, wind down, sleep.
Somewhere in between all that i get to be with my family and friends. Surrounded by people who matters.

Fast forward three years on, today, my day went on like this :
Wake up. Set up. Send mom to work. Drive to work. Work. Work. Work. Breathe. Work. Work. Lunch. Work. Work. Drive back, pick up mom. Drive home. Clean up. Sleep.
And the cycle continue 5 days a week. 7am to 6pm.
All by myself.
I am only surrounded by the people who matters when the sun starts to set. Not enough time if you ask me.

The first day at work was rough.
The first week was hard.
Come second week, even though it is still extremely difficult, things started to fall into place. One by one. Step by step. Little by little.
For someone like me, "slow" does not fit in my "Dictionary of Things That Are Suppose to Happen or/and Already Happen."
But I have no choice. Slow is how it has to be.

I am now coping with an unconducive work environment. A small office. A tiny cubicle that is, give or take, 5ft x 4ft in space. Surrounded by files and papers. And a PC that has no internet connection.
The place is so small that if you sit in the Boss's room, you can see the photocopier that is situated at the far back of the office, i.e. at the end.

The office hour starts at 8.30am and ends at 5.30pm. Since I am just a temporary staff, new in this place, my work scope range from the blue collared type of work to clerk's work to secretary's work to a real lawyer's work. In other words, there's a lot of work. And by a lot I mean A LOT!

To top it off, I am still learning. So, everyday I have to face the Boss who will explain to me every little thing/procedure/laws whatsoever and answer his questions.

Apart from the lonely lunch hour, I usually find myself occupied and busy. Trying not to mess things up.

The people.
Well, lets see....most of them are women. 2 men. The women prefers to be called "kak -insertnamehere-" instead of Puan. Score one.
One of them is obsessed with the word "Reputasi". She will go to great length to try to use that word every hour or so. The same goes to the other one, except that her word of the century in "Berduyun". Whatever that means.
Another one seems to can't except the fact that she's short. Ouch. Okay okay...petite.
The rest seem pretty normal. And they are all friendly.
They are busy bunch of people. And quite on the ting-tong side to. Sometimes they speak using codenames. In number.
Example : "002, can I have paper clips?" to which 002 will reply, "002 cannot reach lah 005, ask 003."
I am pretty sure that my codename is 007. Cool.

I learn a lot while I am here. Still learning.
So, all in all, even though I am not in my usual state of happiness and crazyness here, even though I have none of my friends around, even though I am not in a new state-of-the-art office, even though I miss my friends everyday, I am trying my best to cope and not complain.

Looking from this side of life, I pity all the people who have their friends surrounding them. To be by their side while going through whatever the "difficulties" they are facing. I pity all the people who got what they were wishing for but still whine every single day. I pity all the people who work in a well-off, polished, perfect and new office but still does not know how to be thankful. I pity all the people who got the experience they needed and the opportunity they wanted and still wants something else.

To me, I might not have all they have, but they have less of what I have.

Hey, at least...I got to do this.

Yeah people. I still got my mojo bebeh.


*edited* *24thJuly2009*
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7 person(s) has been nadia-ed! jyeah!:

liyana 'querida said...

perg igt sape la yg stalker tadi :P
ade blog tak cakapppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!

MeL said...

awak!!! saya sangat la memahami anda.
office i pun sumpah kecil. and i've been doin a lot of work too. tolak
sapu sampah ngan lap cermin and meja je. btw...things are hard for me jgk.
at least we're trying kan?
things will get better for us. be patient. (ok. agk susah di situ but again..we hv to try.
love u lots!!! =)

aidanlaniaz said...

@liyanaquerida : sape ade blog tak cakappppppp? p.s. i am not who u think i am. i am spiderman.

@mel : well at least kite tak bitch about things yg bley membuatkan org menyampah. and we dont whine. everybody have their ups and downs. biasela keje. mane tak penat. cube bygkan our parents yg da lame tu. confirm dorg lagi byk went thru bloody hell of a day. never once i heard they complain about it. and to think that i fed-off their sweat of the brow. i myself kena big migraine yg muntah2 today..but i tak rase i shoutout and tell every single person abt it. oops. now da "ter-tell".
i know u'd understand..of all people..sebab u je the person yg i tau now ni going thru the same situation like me. alone and all. itupun dgn i u takde la nak complain byk. lagi menceriakan hari i adela. thanks mel.. love you back! haha.

Azhani.Azizan said...

r u guys talking abt me?
well,ppl complaint most of the time just bcoz theyre plain tired and moody..sometimes, its not their intention to whine abt piles of work cuz its true,theyre tiring.
and not every worker has nice,understanding bosses. u knw how women bosses are,always bossy. and yes, i do think ur sttmt is intended for me cuz i did post a shoutout on twitter n i did wrote abt this on my blog so yeah.
and if its really for me, i just want u 2 knw that i myself have been going through a lot. u might not know that, but i hope ull understand my situation. i work to help my mum. believe me whn i say that my paycheck will be hers completely.not everyone is lucky enough financially u know.
eventho u dont bitch abt thngs yg bley bwt org menympah,u might say thngs that'll hurt ppl.

aidanlaniaz said...

chill la not talking about YOU okay?
bace tak the last part yg related post tu?
u pun going thru the same as i am. and mel. u of all ppl, selain from mel shud know. but if u still nak attack me before really reading between the lines,then takpe. just dont let it get in between our fship.
and whatever you write on your blog is up to you. you can whine or marah any ppl. i takkan question or subtly criticize u on that. on my blog somemore..ape? igt perang blog? no way!! percayalah. u know im not that kind of person dgn u and the gang.
relax kayh, pape bloody job yg kite go thru now ni temporary jer.
dont lose ur moo-mooness.

MeL said...

i was NOT talking bout u!!!!
chill moo chillll!
we all hv things that we hv to go thru in our lives.
so...good luck everyone.
ps: i super love both of u!!!

Azhani.Azizan said... can make ppl go crazy..
i was terasa-ing coz i complained to u guys kan abt my,i have nina by my side and my office is well polished and almost perfect!
soo thats y lah..
and i whine abt work most of the time and i dont like my bosses..sebab tu laa..if its not for me then xpela,ill take it back..sorry guys..
but what i said was all true..duit tu nnt i bg my thats y i kne keje seikhlas that itll be duit halal..harus tabahkan diri kat office utk 3bulan lagi..aiyoh